How To Curl With An Iron

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How To Curl With An Iron
How To Curl With An Iron

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Girls with straight and long hair often seek to change their appearance with perms. You don't have to go to a beauty salon or expose your hair to chemicals to make your hair fall in beautiful waves. You can also curl at home using an iron.

How to curl with an iron
How to curl with an iron


Step 1

Try to schedule your curling iron a few days before your procedure to get your hair ready. Use conditioner as a preliminary step every time you wash your hair, which will not only speed up the curling process, but also reduce the risk of drying out or damaging your hair.

Step 2

Just before you start curling with an iron, wash your hair with shampoo and rinse thoroughly several times with water. Do not use balm or hair masks.

Step 3

Be sure to dry your hair. Never start curling your hair with an iron while it is still damp. This can destroy the structure of the hair, because the moisture remaining on them turns into steam under the influence of heating. And it can burn the scalp and severely damage the hair.

Step 4

Select the temperature mode in which the iron will work. It is best to stop at the lowest temperature at which a strand of hair can curl into a curl. Curling time with this mode, of course, will increase, but at the same time the hair will retain its healthy look and shine.

Step 5

Comb your hair thoroughly and divide it into even strands with a fine comb. Keep in mind that the thicker the strand, the longer it will take to pinch it to curl in the iron. A fine strand is easier and faster to handle. In addition, the curls are smaller and last longer.

Step 6

If possible, treat each strand with a heat protectant. This way you can not only protect your hair from the effects of very high temperatures, but also significantly speed up the curling process.

Step 7

Squeeze the separated section of hair in the iron and twist it around the nozzle, and start the procedure at the roots of the hair, not at the ends.

Step 8

After fixing the strand in the iron, start keeping track of the time. Heating the hair should not last more than eight seconds, although some manufacturers indicate in the technical data sheet a maximum time of ten seconds. Sometimes it is not enough for a satisfactory result, however, it is not worth increasing the time of fixing the hair in the iron more than the established one. In such a situation, it is best to first apply a thermal protective agent to the strand or take a thinner strand.

Step 9

Never comb your curls immediately after curling your hair. Since this procedure provides a temporary effect, brushing will only speed up their straightening.

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