Determining The Cause Of Hair Root Pain

Determining The Cause Of Hair Root Pain
Determining The Cause Of Hair Root Pain

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Pain in the root zone of the hair is familiar to many. Most often, lovers of tight hairstyles suffer from it. However, this unpleasant feeling can hide other reasons that are not related to mechanical stress on the hair follicles.

Determining the cause of hair root pain
Determining the cause of hair root pain

Pain at the roots of the hair means that the nerve endings located in the scalp are responding to external or internal stress on the hair follicles. There are several reasons for this. And the very first of them is the squeezing of hair with elastic bands, hairpins or hairpins, in which the basal blood circulation is disturbed.

Tight hairstyles have an extremely negative effect on the condition of the hair, so it is recommended to do such styling no more than 2-3 times a week, otherwise you may face the problem of hair loss. The same unpleasant sensations can occur if you have changed the parting. The fact is that hair does not get used to a new position and to a changed direction of growth immediately, reacting to changes with pain. These sensations pass quickly, and you can help yourself with a light head massage.

Pain at the hair roots is a symptom that requires examination by a trichologist and a neurologist for diseases of the scalp or nervous system.

Experts are sure that constant pain in the root zone indicates improper hair and scalp care. This is a kind of allergic reaction to the components of an unsuitable shampoo, conditioner balm or mask. If you experience pain after purchasing a new hair product, stop using it.

The materials from which the hairbrush is made also play an important role. It is recommended to use natural bristle combs. It is very useful for those with sensitive scalp, dry and brittle hair with split ends. In addition, natural fibers, unlike synthetic ones, do not electrify the hair. In such combs, the bristles are usually very densely arranged, and this helps to smoothly comb the hair into a hairstyle without leaving roosters, create volume on curly hair or comb it without damaging the hair structure. Natural bristles are ideal for baby scalp and hair care.

Those with dry scalp often suffer from pain at the roots of the hair. To care for your hair, you need special moisturizers, as many universal shampoos and conditioners, on the contrary, dry out the skin, causing it to tighten. The nerve endings react to the wrinkling of the skin, and pain occurs. Regularly use hair exfoliators, moisturizers and scalp scrubs to gently cleanse the scalp.

It has been noticed that pain at the hair roots can be an individual response to stress. Take a sedative, rub your temples, and give a gentle scalp massage to restore circulation.

Another reason for painful sensations in the area of ​​hair roots is a disruption in the work of the vascular system. With diseases such as vegetative-vascular dystonia, there is a regular spasm of capillaries and arteries, which are located in large numbers, including in the scalp. In the cold season, the vessels spasm even more often, since low temperatures interfere with normal blood circulation in the area of ​​the hair follicles, causing pain. Avoid scalp hypothermia by wearing headgear.

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