How To Hide Your Ears

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How To Hide Your Ears
How To Hide Your Ears

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The problem of how to hide the ears often worries not only those who are not satisfied with their shape. In addition to lop-earedness, girls often do not like the shape of the auricles. There are two ways out of this situation: either to raise money for plastic surgery, or to choose a hairstyle that will hide all the shortcomings.

How to hide your ears
How to hide your ears


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There are hairstyles that hide the ears, the styling principle of which is based on the extension from the crown to the ears. Alternatively, this is a classic square, creating a smooth oval around the head and tapering towards the neck. The length of the haircut doesn't matter, the main task is to hide the ears.

Step 2

A short haircut is the simplest option that does not require any difficulties in styling. A regular bob, a “beanie” model or a semi-long asymmetry will not only hide problem areas, but also allow you to look stylish. When choosing a haircut, you need to remember that too short its length in this situation will not help, since the hair should at least half cover the ears. The advantages of a short haircut are that it is enough to style it once, having washed your head in the morning, and then all day you do not have to think about the fact that the wind or other weather conditions will make your ears visible.

Step 3

But even with the help of long hair, it is quite possible to hide large ears. To do this, it is necessary to fix the hair in a braid or tail not clearly at the back of the head, but slightly below. So the hair around the ears lies loose and covers part of them. You can leave a few strands free in the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe temples, which will hide the side of the face. An excellent option for a haircut that hides the ears and corrects the shape of the face, pulling the cheekbones is a graduation. Strands cut along an oblique line can be laid in or out, but they will close the ears anyway. You need to style your hairstyle so that the hair falls down from the sides near the face. On straight hair, the ends will need to be twisted inward with a round brush. With curly hassle even less, they fall down naturally.

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