How To Fix Ears

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How To Fix Ears
How To Fix Ears

The problem of protruding ears in a child can occur while he is still in the womb. A normal auricle is located in relation to the skull at an angle of 30 degrees, a deviation from this figure in a large direction is already signs of lop-earedness.

How to fix ears
How to fix ears


Step 1

Starting from the age of eight, the auricle no longer changes, and the final verdict can be made: is there a pronounced lop-earedness or not, and if there is, is it worth fighting it or leaving the ears intact.

Step 2

Some parents, noticing protruding ears in their children, use thousands of folk methods to rid their child of this problem. Remember: there are no folk recipes for correcting the auricles. There are two ways to correct the shape of the ears today.

Step 3

After the birth of a baby up to 6 months, fix the ear in the correct position with a special silicone mold. It is recommended to wear such a device for six months, then the ear cartilage hardens, and correction at home becomes impossible.

Step 4

See a surgeon. Ear surgery is called otoplasty. This is a simple type of operation, it takes an hour and a half. The surgeon makes an incision in the back of the ear, then removes the excess cartilage or tuck it in, then sutures it up and applies a bandage. The operation takes place under local anesthesia.