How To Make A Beautiful Bump Of Hair On Your Head

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How To Make A Beautiful Bump Of Hair On Your Head
How To Make A Beautiful Bump Of Hair On Your Head

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A bump of hair can be either a simple hairstyle for the office, or the main element in a festive styling. In these two cases, its design will be different.

A bump of hair
A bump of hair

How to make a bump out of hair?

Absolutely any hair is suitable for creating bumps: wavy, straight, curly. The main condition: this is the length below the shoulders. The most beautiful and voluminous bumps are obtained on long hair. A bump or bunch can be easily made in 5 minutes. The underlying technology is very simple. First, comb your hair and treat it with styling product, especially if it has a lot of frizz. Then lift all hair to crown level and twist it into a tourniquet. Style your hair in a circle for an elegant bump. To keep it in place, stick a few studs into the base. You can also fix the bump with an elastic band: just slide it over the bump. To keep the bun from falling apart, the hair tie should be tight enough.

The appearance of the beam can be very diverse: strict and smooth, careless, tall, lush, and so on. If you are doing evening styling with a bump, be sure to release a few strands in the front: let them frame your face beautifully. If you have straight hair, curl the strands with a curling iron or curlers.

Another evening option is a braid bump. Gather all the hair in a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Then braid the ponytail into a braid. Wrap the braid in a circle several times to create a bump. It remains only to fix it with hairpins and sprinkle with varnish so that the hairstyle does not fall apart.

It is believed that the bun on the head creates a facelift effect. It is for this purpose that such famous stars as Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez often make it.

Donut - a device for creating a bump on the head

To create a bump on the head, there is a special device: donut. In appearance, it resembles a dishwashing sponge: soft and pliable to the touch. To create a bun with a donut, collect your hair in a ponytail at the crown and secure with an elastic band. You can use a thin money eraser as it is small and discreet. Tighten the tail very tightly so that it does not fall apart. Now comb the hair in the ponytail and put donut on top. Spread the strands over the bun so that it is not visible. Secure the ends of the hair with hairpins and bobby pins. You can put the rubber band on top again: the hair will be firmly fixed, and the rubber band itself will not be visible.

When creating an evening hairstyle, tie a beautiful satin ribbon around the bump and make a bow. Alternatively, pull a wide section of hair out of the ponytail and wrap it around the bun. Curl the tip of the strand: let it hang gracefully. Use fake flowers, rhinestone hairpins, strings of pearls, and other hair ornaments to decorate the pine cone.

Donut can be made yourself from a regular sock. To do this, cut the front of the sock so that it goes through. Now turn the sock inside out and fold it over several times. It will look like a rubber band. Wear this attachment over the ponytail. Make a bump of hair in the same way as with a donut.

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