What Does Chemistry Look Like On Hair

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What Does Chemistry Look Like On Hair
What Does Chemistry Look Like On Hair

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Perming hair has been a popular cosmetic procedure for several decades. If earlier this procedure did great harm to the hair, now it has become practically harmless.

What does chemistry look like on hair
What does chemistry look like on hair

If you have ever seen a girl with wavy or curly hair, be sure that in half of the cases this is the result of permed hair. Now in beauty salons and hairdressing salons they make not only ordinary small curls, but also medium or even large beautiful curls. Despite the fact that perm greatly dries the hair and damages its structure, with this procedure you can get rid of excess oily hair, as well as its rapid contamination.

What does "chemistry" look like on hair

Chemistry can give hair a wide variety of looks. For example, with a fine perm on your head, you will have small, neat curls that will add extra volume to your hair. Medium curls are a good option if you want to have a bold hairstyle every day, but don't want to waste time maintaining a consistent look. Large curls look great on long hair, giving the hairstyle aristocracy and elegance.

Hair care after chemistry

If you have permed and want to keep your hair in top condition, you will need to follow a few simple hair care guidelines. You should wash your hair only with mild shampoos or special products for chemically curled hair - almost everything is now possible in cosmetics stores. You need to dry your hair only by blotting it with a towel and shaping the curls.

You will need to comb your hair much less often than hair without curling. It is necessary to use exclusively combs with sparse teeth - especially for fine perm. Otherwise, you will make the curls shapeless, and the hairstyle will lose its original appearance in just 3-4 weeks.

After the chemotherapy, you will have to provide maximum hair care. The use of revitalizing masks, protein shampoos, and medicinal herbal oils are all you need to use almost daily.

Where and how to make a high-quality perm

It is not worth frivolously to approach the procedure for perming hair - you can not only waste time and money, but also seriously harm your hair without obtaining the desired effect. That is why, before chemistry, choose several of the best beauty salons or hairdressers, where specialists will do this procedure correctly and quickly, using only high-quality products.

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