How To Choose A Hair Straightener

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How To Choose A Hair Straightener
How To Choose A Hair Straightener

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Today there are many ways to straighten hair, one of which is the use of special tongs, the quality of which affects not only the effectiveness of styling, but also the general condition of the hair and its health.

How to choose a hair straightener
How to choose a hair straightener


Step 1

Pay attention to the grade of forceps, which can be professional and household. If the main criteria for you are durability, high power and you are not confused by the weight of the forceps and their bulkiness, you can choose professional forceps. Non-professional models are ideal for those who value ease of use.

Step 2

Select the required width of the working surface of the tongs depending on the structure of the hair and its length. So the thicker and longer the hair, the larger this surface should be. If you want to be able to lightly curl your hair inward or outward, choose a straightening iron with rounded plates.

Step 3

Give preference to tongs with an anodic-oxide or ceramic coating of the working surface, as they allow you to minimize the negative effect on the hair. In addition, such a surface is more wear-resistant and has anti-corrosion properties. Also, the coating may contain silver nanoparticles, which have an antibacterial effect on the hair.

Step 4

To choose the right hair straightening tongs, you should pay attention to the presence of a temperature regulator and protection against overheating. First of all, this will allow you to individually select the necessary mode, depending on the structure of the hair, and will also make it possible to protect the hair from possible damage and excessive dryness, thanks to the possibility of using low temperatures.

Step 5

Pay attention to how practical the chosen model is and whether it has features that can provide you with the convenience of using the forceps. For example, such elements can be a rotating cord that will not get tangled at a crucial moment and a soft cover on the handle that prevents the forceps from sliding in the hand.

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