"Light" Chemistry - Pros And Cons

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"Light" Chemistry - Pros And Cons
"Light" Chemistry - Pros And Cons

Video: "Light" Chemistry - Pros And Cons

Video: "Light" Chemistry - Pros And Cons
Video: Introduction to light | Electronic structure of atoms | Chemistry | Khan Academy 2023, December

Far from many, nature has awarded wonderful curls, but they are so attractive. Curly hair can emphasize or soften facial features, they always give the image a certain femininity and romance. It would seem that perm is the ideal solution for those who dream of curls, but, as in any other business, you should weigh the pros and cons.


Any perm is an auxiliary method of hair styling. She is just a preparatory stage for curling. Light chemicals can be an ideal option for those who use products such as curlers, curling irons, etc. on a daily basis. Perm has undeniable advantages: it allows you to get rid of excessive oily hair and prevents curls from deforming during the day. However, any chemistry without the use of additional styling products looks just awful.

Varieties of light chemistry

There are several chemistry options.

With the help of papillotes - this type of perm allows you to achieve the most natural result. It will provide you with light waves and curls that gently fall on top of each other.

Curling with spiral curlers is ideal for long hair. You will become the owner of curls curling in a spiral in small rings. If you are the owner of long hair, but their density is poor, then this type of perm is for you.

Pigtail curls are suitable for shoulder-length hair. The strands, braided into small pigtails, are treated with a special solution, and the ends are wound on bobbins.

Hairpin is also a good option for owners of shoulder-length hair. The method differs from the previous version in that the curls are wound on hairpins. In its composition, the hairpin should not contain metal impurities, most often plastic is used.

Perm for two bobbins is a very interesting method. It allows you to get curls of various sizes. For example, part of the strand is wound on a large bobbin, and the other part on a small one.

There is also a "baby" perm. Its purpose is to prevent the composition from affecting the scalp. The strands are pulled out onto the surface of a special hat and only after that they are curled.

Cons of a perm

Despite all its beauty, artificial curls are fraught with many dangers to hair health. Even light chemicals can disrupt the structure of the hair, deprive it of moisture, and make it more porous. If you dare to change your image, then you should not dye your hair after curling; when washing your hair, use special nourishing shampoos, balms and masks. This will restore shine and invigorating moisture to your hair.

Today there are many leave-in hair products that can become a lifesaver after a perm. Do not forget to trim the ends regularly, this promotes faster hair regeneration and avoids splitting. To keep your curls in shape longer, use a wide-toothed comb.

Remember that you will become the owner of wonderful curls only if your hair was initially healthy. Light chemicals need to be regularly looked after, otherwise your perm will look like a washcloth. Usually, the effect of curls lasts for three to four months, after which a correction is necessary.