How To Look Older

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How To Look Older
How To Look Older

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The vast majority of teenage girls want to look much older than their age. Sometimes young office workers also face similar problems. Usually, the service zeal of such employees is perceived with irony, since their appearance does not have confidence. In this case, you can resort to little tricks that will make you look a little older and more respectable.

How to look older
How to look older

It is necessary

To do this, you will need to reconsider your views on makeup and wardrobe


Step 1

First, take a look at your wardrobe. It is advisable to avoid sporty clothing. Feminine things are more suitable for you: pencil skirts, blouses, wide leg pants, business suits. In addition, a variety of robes will help to visually become older. Remember that light shades in clothes are youthful. Therefore, it is better to choose colored or dark clothes.

Step 2

Now take care of your hair. Curls, long hair to the shoulders, cascades and ladders usually give the image simplicity, naturalness and some youthfulness. Therefore, most often, in order to seem more mature, depending on the shape of the face, women choose a square or a short haircut.

Hair color should also be several shades darker than natural. This will help make you look older.

Step 3

The next step is makeup. Be sure to use a face tone and blush. By the way, the latter will help to outline the contours of the face, as well as distract attention from the youthful swelling of the cheeks.

The older you want to appear, the more intense your makeup should be. The main rule is not to overdo it. Usually, either the eyes or the lips stand out on the face. At the same time, decorative cosmetics should also be in bright saturated shades.

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