Reviews About Hair Dye "Palet"

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Reviews About Hair Dye "Palet"
Reviews About Hair Dye "Palet"

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Palette hair dye is a controversial product. The opinions of consumers about it are not just different, but radically different. Let's try to find the truth, which, as always, is somewhere in between.

Hair dye
Hair dye

Some argue that this is the best paint that gives an intense color and does not spoil the hair in the least. Others call it "acidic poison", which they will never paint once in their life with.


Palette is really long lasting and really paints over gray hair. Tough, making gray hair indistinguishable in color from the bulk.

The palette's colors are pretty intense. Hair is shiny and silky. After coloring, they become thicker, the hair is more voluminous, it fits well into the hair. If you use a color-retaining balm shampoo, the brightness of the shade can be maintained for up to three weeks.

When applied, the paint sets quickly and has a good consistency, which is easy to distribute over all hair, so as not to get "bald spots".

This is a very budget option for those who often dye or like to experiment with colors. The shades are obtained as in the palette. Easy to predict, easy to execute.


It is very easy to apply and not very easy to wash off (especially from the skin). Dark shades don't last very long. Light colors last longer. Now we are not talking about overgrown roots, but about the tips, which it is quite possible not to tint, applying paint only to the roots. But after several stains, the color is washed off, at least, it is no longer as saturated as after application. Therefore, after two dyes on the third, you have to dye all the hair again to freshen the color.

As already noted, the paint sets tightly and the scalp colors especially intensely. No remover (which, by the way, is not in the paint package, but in vain) does not help. Three to four washes after staining the skull in a bright color to illustrate the selected shade. Black is generally a disaster. But plum or eggplant, for example, is no better.

The package contains not only a wash for the skin, but also a balm. Now any self-respecting company invests balm in packaging with paint. Ascetic tubes with paint and developer, gloves and instructions are bad manners today.

Hair immediately after dyeing is not brittle, the ends are not dry. In a word, nothing "acidic" was actually noticed for the Palette. Of course, if you bleach at home three times in a row for three days, you can lose not only the health of the hair, but the hair itself. But this can be said about any paint. But, after a while, the hair grows dull, and if you use paint constantly and do not take care of your hair (do not use balms, masks, oils), it still spoils them.

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