How To Determine Hair Tone

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How To Determine Hair Tone
How To Determine Hair Tone

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Women dye their hair to change their image. By choosing the right hair tone, you can make your eyes brighter, more expressive, the complexion is smoother, and its shape is more perfect. But, unfortunately, it can turn out the other way around. If the color is chosen poorly, it can add ten years and make any skin imperfections visible. Therefore, it is very important to determine the correct hair tone.

How to determine hair tone
How to determine hair tone


Step 1

In terms of saturation, the natural human hair color has one of seven tone levels (some experts distinguish 10 levels). Moreover, such a division is based not on simplification for the convenience of its definition, but on the results of scientific research. After all, it is known that the tone depends on the ratio of pigments in the hair. Most often we are talking about such numbers: 2 - brunette, 4 - brown-haired, 5 - light brown-haired, 6 - dark blonde, 7 - blonde, 9 - very light blonde. Other tones are rare or difficult to distinguish, especially dark ones.

Step 2

First of all, you must determine which number your tone corresponds to. To do this, find a color chart with samples of hair strands. Remember that this card must be of the same company whose paint you are going to use.

Step 3

Bring the lightest section of the set to the roots of your hair (away from your forehead). If the hair is darker than this sample, take the next darker one from the card. Stop when you realize that the color of the hair and the sample matched perfectly. Remember this figure. Keep in mind that you should always start determining the tone from the lightest to the darkest, and not vice versa, otherwise you will be mistaken by at least one tone.

Step 4

Start with the simplest: Determine if you are brunette, brown-haired, or blonde. Further narrow this definition as much as possible: dark or light brunette (blonde or brown-haired). The third stage is choosing the right number to match your tone. Remember that usually all people, even professionals, "lighten" their hair, ie. assign them a tone lighter than it actually is.

Step 5

When you have found the tone number you need, this is not enough to buy the "right" paint. Stand in front of a mirror and evaluate your appearance. Remember that warm shades usually give your face a blush, so if you know your skin is already pinkish that you are prone to allergic reactions or blush frequently in conversation, reddish shades of hair dye are not for you.

Step 6

Consider eye color as well. Red, golden and other warm tones are suitable for people with hazel, hazel and green eyes, while light golden or cold tones are most suitable for people with white skin and gray or blue eyes. In order not to be mistaken with the tone of the hair, try to determine your color type of appearance. It's not enough to know your natural tone. It is also important to understand whether the paint of this or that tone suits you. There are four color types: "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn" and "Winter".

Step 7

Spring-type women can wear any kind of warm, light and golden hues (but not light red), but should avoid cold light colors and black.

Step 8

Dark tones do not suit the summer color type, like the spring one, but they can use cool light shades. Which one depends on the color of the skin and eyes. You must take care not to appear completely colorless after lightening.

Step 9

Falls need rich hair colors, so choose warm brown, brown, chocolate and black, while blond, gold, copper and orange tones will look unnatural.

Step 10

For winter women, an ashy dark blond color is recommended. Light, warm and golden tones are not for them. They can safely afford black color. But it should be remembered that the skin of brunettes must be flawless, otherwise any defect will be clearly visible.

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