How To Curl Long Hair

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How To Curl Long Hair
How To Curl Long Hair

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Long hair is very beautiful, especially when styled correctly. Long hair is time-consuming to style, but for a daily look, there are two ways to make your hair look attractive - straighten or curl it.

beautiful long hair
beautiful long hair

It is necessary

Soft hair curlers of different sizes, hair dryer, brush, curling iron, heat rollers, hair styling products - varnish, wax


Step 1

Take a curling iron, heat it up. Divide your hair into separate strands and wind them in turn on a curling iron, hold each strand for 10 seconds. Thus, wind all your hair, let the curls cool, then gently disassemble the curls into small strands with your fingers, fix a slight mess on your head with varnish - a beautiful image is ready.

Step 2

Roll your hair with hot rollers. Let them cool down, and only after they have completely cooled down, remove the curlers. You have got a hairstyle for long hair, which is very relevant if the time to prepare for publication is limited. By analogy with the previous method, separate large curls, you can even comb them, and fix the resulting hairstyle with varnish.

Step 3

Use volume at the roots, use large curlers.

Step 4

Take a hair dryer and a round brush, and use them to wind the ends of your hair in succession, modeling your hairstyle. Generally, with long hair, it is best to ask someone to do it for you, especially from behind. The best option is to contact a hairdresser.

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