How To Curl Your Hair Beautifully

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How To Curl Your Hair Beautifully
How To Curl Your Hair Beautifully

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What do you need to create beautiful, bouncy curls? Although the task is not easy, you don't have to go to a salon or look for a professional hairdresser. Knowing just a few secrets of beautiful curls, you will become the owner of a beautiful hairstyle in no time! So let's get started.

How to curl your hair beautifully
How to curl your hair beautifully


Step 1

It is best to curl freshly washed hair, as even hair damp with a spray will not hold curls for that long. Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner, and then take a large fluffy towel, dry your hair a little and wrap your head with it for about 10 minutes. Hair that is well hydrated and not overdried can keep its shape for a very long time, This is necessary in order for excess moisture absorbed as much as possible and the hair dried on its own. Obviously, you should not comb completely wet hair - it stretches very easily and, as a result, becomes thinner.

Step 2

After your hair is dry, start brushing. Remember that you should not use combs with frequent teeth or massage brushes, it is better to arm yourself with a comb with fairly rare teeth and gently comb your hair. Divide them into large enough strands and spray with a special styling spray. You can also use a foam or mousse, but a spray is the best option, as it does not stick the hair and also gives it an attractive shine.

Step 3

If you use curlers, then your hair should be slightly more moisturized than with other types of styling. Pin the strands at the back of the head, gradually freeing them and winding them one by one. It is very important not to overtighten the hair: firstly, this can negatively affect their condition and make them thinner, and secondly, this way the hair will dry for a very long time. After you have curled your hair and it has taken the desired shape, gently and slowly release it from the curler, separate it with your fingers and sprinkle with a light fixing varnish. Do not comb your hair - this will make the curls lose their shape and become unnecessarily fluffy.

Step 4

In the event that you curl your hair with a special spiral nozzle or curling iron, it is very important not to miscalculate the temperature - after all, burnt and dry hair will recover for a long time, and the hairstyle will last only a couple of hours. You should also spray your hair with a heat protectant spray. Do not overexpose the curling iron - it takes only a few seconds for the hair to take the desired shape. Part your hair gently with your fingers, sprinkle with varnish and, if you like, pin it with hairpins - your adorable hairstyle is ready!

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