How To Wind On Large Curlers

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How To Wind On Large Curlers
How To Wind On Large Curlers

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Curlers are an old and proven tool for shaping hair into desired shapes. Moreover, with their help, you can not only get elastic curls, but also straighten naturally curly hair. How to wind your hair with large curlers?

How to wind on large curlers
How to wind on large curlers


Step 1

Large curlers can be used on almost any type of long hair - straight, wavy or curly. However, the effect of curling will be slightly different.As a rule, on straight hair, large diameter curlers are used to give the hair the necessary volume. Don't expect waves or tight curls as a result. Owners of wavy or curly hair use this type of curler if necessary to straighten their hair.

Step 2

Wash your hair and dry it with a towel or hair dryer and a brush. Spray lightly with the fixative.

Step 3

Start curling your hair from the middle of your head. Use the handle of the comb to separate the triangular section at the crown. It should be narrower than the length of the curler. To shorten the drying time, try not to use too thick strands.

Step 4

Pull back the hair, positioning it perpendicular to the surface of the head, and comb carefully. Attach the tips to the curler and, using your finger, twist tightly until the coil is pressed against the surface of the head. Make sure the roller rests on your head, snug against the roots of your hair. Try not to pull on the strand or twist it too tightly - this can weaken the hair roots and lead to hair loss.

Step 5

Secure the curlers with a hairpin, sticking it in at a 45-degree angle so that the tip of the device rests against the scalp. The pins should be inserted against the direction of winding - if the strand is twisted inward, then the hairpin is inserted from above and directed towards the head. If out, the pin should point straight down.

Step 6

Wind the remaining strands by analogy. Use a spray bottle to moisten dried strands if necessary.

Step 7

Wait until your hair is completely dry. Carefully remove the curlers and comb through your hair. Secure your hairstyle by applying nail polish.

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