Secrets Of Fast Hair Growth

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Secrets Of Fast Hair Growth
Secrets Of Fast Hair Growth
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Girls with long and beautiful hair are in luck - they can experiment with hairstyles and styling. Owners of short haircuts can only dream of lush and beautiful hair. However, there are several ways you can improve hair growth.

Secrets of fast hair growth
Secrets of fast hair growth

It is necessary

Honey, sour cream, chicken egg


Step 1

Hair will always be healthy if you use a protein-rich shampoo. Read on the packaging for what type of hair the shampoo is for. After washing, the hair should be soft and manageable, and shine. If, after drying, your hair is dry as straw and constantly tangled, then you have picked up the wrong shampoo.

Step 2

Get rid of brittle hair and shape your hair. If there are split ends, this means that the hair needs to be trimmed. Do not forget to do this, after such procedures, the hair will become healthier and grow faster. If the hairstyle is too short, then wait until it begins to cover your ears, and only then shape the hair.

Step 3

To make your hair grow faster, you can prepare a special mask. At home, you can easily prepare a product in five minutes, after using which you will notice that the hair density will increase significantly. So, the hair mask includes the following ingredients: sour cream, a chicken egg and liquid honey (if it is sugared, heat it up in the microwave or warm water). Foam the egg first. Then add honey with sour cream to it and beat everything. Add a couple of drops of lemon juice to the resulting consistency and mix well. The result should be a thick, homogeneous mass. Apply the mixture to your hair, and after thirty minutes, rinse with warm water. Rinse your hair with shampoo and then dry naturally. To achieve the effect, use the mask regularly.

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