How To Cut A Boy

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How To Cut A Boy
How To Cut A Boy

Video: How To Cut A Boy

Video: How To Cut A Boy
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A children's haircut is a fairly simple procedure, and since every boy needs to be cut from time to time, it is not at all necessary to take him to a hairdresser or beauty salon every time. You can easily cope with a children's haircut yourself if you have a good and sharp hairdressing scissors in your hands. It is very easy to learn how to do a short men's haircut - following simple rules, you can regularly cut your child's hair, saving your money and your time.

How to cut a boy
How to cut a boy


Step 1

Comb your hair from the crown to the bottom ends, forming two vertical parting. Select the two temporal zones to trim, and then draw a horizontal parting from ear to ear across the crown.

Step 2

Start cutting hair from the frontal-parietal region and select the first control strand, the length of which you will subsequently be guided by when cutting all the remaining strands. Draw a horizontal parting one centimeter from the hairline and cut off the section at the desired level.

Step 3

Separate each subsequent strand with a horizontal parting, and then pinch it between the index and middle fingers together with the control strand and cut to the same length.

Step 4

When cutting, pull back the strands of hair 90 degrees from the surface of the head to get a proper and neat haircut.

Step 5

After cutting the frontal-parietal zone, proceed to cutting the upper occipital zone, in the same way as in the previous case, highlighting the strands of hair, pulling them out on the middle and index fingers, and then cutting to the desired length. Cutting off the strands of each zone, focus on the control strand created at the very beginning.

Step 6

Separate the temporo-lateral zones with horizontal parting and trim the strands to the desired length, pulling them 90 degrees with your fingers. Draw a cut line at the temples.

Step 7

Then trim the bottom edge of the hair by cutting off excess strands and trimming with thinning scissors.