How To Style A Cascading Haircut

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How To Style A Cascading Haircut
How To Style A Cascading Haircut

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In the 60s of the last century, a little-known London hairdresser Vidal Sassoon invented the cascading style of cutting and styling on short and medium length hair. And since then, the cascading haircut has not left the catwalks, the pages of fashion magazines and television screens.

Cascading haircut styling
Cascading haircut styling

It is necessary

  • - hairdryer;
  • - brush-brushing medium diameter;
  • - a hair dryer with a round comb nozzle;
  • - hair wax;
  • - styling foam.


Step 1

A cascading haircut is performed both on short and medium length hair, and on rather long hair. The secret of a haircut is layering, which provides excellent volume and a well-groomed appearance. At the same time, with the help of styling, a cascade on the hair can be turned into a feminine, mischievous or naughty, unusual or casually charming haircut.

Step 2

The classic cascade styling involves the use of a hair dryer and a medium-diameter brush-brush. In order to style a cascading haircut with neat strands with the ends twisted down, it is necessary to direct the stream of the hair dryer onto the strand drawn by brushing from top to bottom, smoothing the strand. Work the tip of the strand with the twisting movements of the comb, and then repeat the twisting a couple of times without a hair dryer. Thus, you need to process each strand, paying special attention to the side zones.

Step 3

An easier option for home use is to use a hair dryer with a round comb attachment. Such a hairdryer allows you to simultaneously form a neat strand and twist the ends with one hand. At the end of the styling, the ends of the strands can be waxed to maintain a clear shape.

Step 4

The soft, slightly disheveled, casually charming contours of the cascading haircut can be given by styling the hair "on the foam". In this case, the ends of the hair can not be tucked, pulling them and straightening or tucking slightly outward. Thus, the laying is performed from the bottom up, in layers - first the lower strands, then the strands of the central part, the crown and only after that the side zones. At the end of styling with slightly waxed hands, you need to shape the hairstyle in the parietal zone, lifting the hair roots with your fingers.

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