Model Women's Haircut "Caprice"

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Model Women's Haircut "Caprice"
Model Women's Haircut "Caprice"

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Model women's haircut "Caprice" is one of the most popular among women. It is performed on short hair. The type of hair is not important, as "Caprice" will decorate both perfectly straight and curly hair.

Model women's haircut
Model women's haircut

Haircut technology "Caprice"

In some cases, the Caprice haircut can be done on medium-length hair. First, divide your hair into four sections using vertical and horizontal parting. Start working on the bottom of the hair using the strand-by-strand technique. Select the strand to be the control. It should be in the middle of the lower part of the back of the head. Cut the hair at a 90 degree angle, focusing on the length of the control strand. As a result, the bottom line will turn out to be broken, but at the same time quite expressive. Then do the work at the top of the head. Cut off the strands according to the same principle, but only now in the direction from the crown to the face.

Also use the hair graduation method: pull the strand perpendicular to the head and cut at a 45 degree angle. Trim the temples by connecting the new and control strands. Now pull the hairs towards your ear and trim. Your task is to remove the volume and keep the length. Overall result: haircut with feather strands of different lengths. Cut the bangs as you like.

Model women's haircut "Caprice" very well emphasizes a thin, swan neck. Therefore, the hairstyle is suitable for slender and thin women. For more curvaceous ladies, different styles of this haircut are suitable.

Styling options for haircuts "Caprice"

For a natural effect, it is recommended to wash your hair and then dry it naturally. You can spray the ends of your hair with hairspray. If you have curly hair, then blow dry your hair and straighten it at the same time. You can also draw out curly hair with an iron. If you want to add more volume, do a bouffant at the roots.

For women with a thin face, you can comb all the strands back by styling the Caprice haircut. This emphasizes the gracefulness of the neck bend. In order for the strands to hold, you should use a strong fixation varnish.

Women with a plump face need to focus on the front strands during styling. They can hide large cheekbones and excessive fullness of the face. The front strands should not be curled: they can be voluminous, but only straight.

If the hair is cut on medium length hair, during styling, make a side parting and wind all the strands with curlers. But not inward, but outward. Then blow dry your hair, remove the curlers. Style your hair and bangs beautifully. It remains only to fix the hairstyle with varnish.

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