How To Weave A Basket Braid

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How To Weave A Basket Braid
How To Weave A Basket Braid

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The basket hairstyle is usually braided by little girls. However, braids are so popular lately that older ladies try them on. Fortunately, you can braid a French braid, which is the basis of the basket, so that the hairstyle will decorate a romantic image and will look very relevant and not at all childish.

How to weave a pigtail
How to weave a pigtail

It is necessary

  • - hairbrush;
  • - scrunchy;
  • - hairpins or invisible.


Step 1

Comb your hair so that the basket is smooth and without "roosters", the hair should be clean and easily divided into separate strands. Part from one ear to the other. Gather the hair in the lower part of the head with an elastic band in a ponytail, comb the upper hair from one temple to the other.

Step 2

Separate a small section of hair at one ear, divide into three strands. Start braiding your French braid parallel to your forehead hairline. To do this, throw the left strand from the strand to the center, then repeat this procedure with the right. Next, connect the hair from the sides to the braiding. Separate small strands, connect them with workers and throw them to the center. Continue to weave in this technique until a couple of such grips remain until the second temple.

Step 3

Remove the elastic from the lower ponytail by securing the braid with the fingers of one hand. When it becomes necessary to use the next strand from the forehead, separate more hair than before, make the next transfer, while forming the bend of the pigtail down. The strands from the top of the head should be thin at the same time. Repeat this procedure two to three times and pull the braid to the bottom of the head so that the braiding takes the opposite direction. Continue until all hair has been used.

Step 4

Braid a regular three-strand braid when all hair is gathered in a basket. Make sure that its direction corresponds to the circle formed by the hair on the head, otherwise the last strands will form "roosters". Secure the ends with an elastic band. Hide the braid in the weaves, fix it with hairpins or invisible pins. Decorate with a flower or bow if desired.

Step 5

In addition to the classic dragon, the basket can be braided with a French braid in reverse. In this case, it is worth pulling the bends of the hair a little after every two or three throws, this will help to give the hairstyle additional volume, and even on thin hair you will get a gorgeous spike.

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