How To Weave French Braids

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How To Weave French Braids
How To Weave French Braids

Video: How To Weave French Braids

Video: How To Weave French Braids
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An elegant French braid is perfect for a business suit, an evening dress, and a light sundress. Women of any age can afford this hairstyle. The main thing is that the hair length is more than 12-15 cm.

How to weave French braids
How to weave French braids

It is necessary

  • - hairbrush;
  • - hair bands;
  • - hairpins, hairpins;
  • - hair spray;
  • - 2 satin ribbons.


Step 1

First option: Gather your hair at the top of your head and divide it into three curls from the front of your head. Leave the side and back strands. Begin to weave a regular braid - lay the right strand over the middle one, and then in the same way, put the left one over the middle one.

Step 2

Take all three curls with your left hand. Hold them between your fingers so that they are separated from each other. When you start braiding a section of hair a second time on the right side, grab a section of hair with it from the unallocated side of your head with your right hand. Then move the middle strand to the right.

Step 3

Move the braid to your right hand. Weave an extra section together with the left. Now pull the middle curl to the left. Continue braiding the French braid, grabbing new strands on the right and left sides each time. While weaving, keep your hands as close to your head as possible to keep the braid tight. Secure the braid with a hair elastic. Sprinkle with varnish if necessary.

Step 4

Second option: Braid a voluminous French braid. Such a braid is performed similarly to the previous version, only the weaving of the strands is carried out not towards oneself, but from oneself. The braid turns out to be turned outward.

Step 5

The third option Weave a satin ribbon for special occasions in a French braid. Part diagonally at the front. Starting at the right or left side, guide the comb towards the middle of the crown at a 45-degree angle, and then end with a right parting in the middle of the back of the head. Braid a French braid with a satin ribbon on each side of the parting.

Step 6

Fold the tape in half. After stepping back 10 cm, place the ends of the tape under the right and left strands. Run the tape under each strand you add. Weave a regular braid from the neck and secure it with an elastic band. Braid the hair and tape in the same way on the other side of the parting. Cross the braids at the neck, tucking them towards the center, and pin. Tie the ends of the ribbons with a bow.