How To Recolor Dark Hair

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How To Recolor Dark Hair
How To Recolor Dark Hair

Video: How To Recolor Dark Hair

Video: How To Recolor Dark Hair
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A modern woman can choose the hair color that she likes, with which she feels the most attractive. At the same time, it is easier for owners of blond hair to change their image, while dark-haired women have to make a lot of efforts to repaint their hair. How to change the dark color and not turn your curls into straw is a question that worries many women.

How to recolor dark hair
How to recolor dark hair


Step 1

Try adding beautiful, trendy shades to dark hair. This option is suitable for those who do not seek to change the color of their hair in many tones, but simply want to update the image. Perfectly refreshing the color of dark curls, giving them a dazzling shine, non-zamac hair dyes.

Also, for this purpose, tint shampoos, balms and tonics are used. Tint products are washed off after several washes, but they do not spoil the hair structure, because their coloring pigments are attached to the surface of the hair.

Step 2

If you decide to lighten your hair by a couple of tones, paint it with a permanent dye. With the help of ordinary paint, only natural hair pigments can be lightened.

Therefore, the situation is more complicated with curls previously painted in a dark color. To make them lighter, you will need to pre-bleach. This procedure mercilessly spoils the hair structure, making it dry and brittle.

Step 3

To get rid of dark hair dye, do a color washer routine at a hairdresser. The wash can be used at home, but often it takes more than one application of the composition to the hair to wash out the dark color completely.

The wash acts on the hair in a more gentle way than hydrogen peroxide. It does not have a lightening effect and is capable of washing out only artificial color from the hair. After washing, hair needs additional care and nutrition, since voids, previously filled with paint, form inside them. Therefore, the hair may appear thinner and weaker than before. With proper care, they will recover quickly.

Step 4

If you want to drastically change your dark hair color and become blonde, then you need a pre-lightening procedure. If your color pigment is strong, you will have to bleach your hair twice, and then tint it in the desired color.

Do not experiment with such a complex chemical process at home. It is better to seek help from a professional hairdresser. Discoloration at home, you run the risk of being left without hair or getting on your head a dirty yellow shock of dry hair, like tow.

Step 5

You can gradually turn into a blonde with the help of such types of professional coloring as highlighting, coloring and baloyage.

When highlighting, individual strands are lightened, while the effect of light hair is created. Coloring is the coloring of hair in several similar shades (from 2 to 5), while creating a soft transition from dark hair to light hair. Baloyage is a lightening of only the ends, while the roots remain in a natural shade.