How To Use Boomerang Curlers

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How To Use Boomerang Curlers
How To Use Boomerang Curlers

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Curlers-boomerangs attract attention with their unusual appearance: colored soft sticks of various lengths and diameters. They allow you to get both small curls and large curls. The advantage of boomerangs is that you can sleep with them without fear of getting neck pain and kinks in your hair in the morning.

How to use boomerang curlers
How to use boomerang curlers

It is necessary

  • - mousse or foam to create curls;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - hair spray.


Step 1

Wash and dry your hair. Do not curl damp hair with curlers. they are thus stretched and damaged. For longer curls, apply mousse or foam to create curls before drying your hair.

Step 2

Take your curlers. Choose the length and diameter of the boomerangs depending on the length of your hair and the expected result. The longer the hair, the longer the boomerangs should be. Long hair curlers can also be used when you want to curl wide strands of hair. Choose the minimum diameter of the curler (12-13 mm) if you want to get curls like Pushkin's. To obtain curls, a larger diameter is required (30 mm or more).

Step 3

Take a section of hair, comb it with a comb. Rotate it several times around its axis in order to get a loose flagellum. This is necessary to add volume to the hair.

Step 4

Holding the hair cord by the tip, wind it around the middle of the boomerang. You can curl your hair both from the roots and from the ends. Make sure that the tip of the flagellum does not knock out of the hair curled in the curlers.

Step 5

Bend the ends of the boomerang up and towards the middle. You should get a "kalachik". If your curlers have a clasp, slide one end into the other to create a ring.

Step 6

Twist the rest of your hair in the same way. Follow from the top of the head to the back of the head, then to the temples and to the forehead. Place "kalachiki" horizontally.

Step 7

After all your hair is curled, sprinkle it with hairspray.

Step 8

After 2 hours, carefully remove the curlers. Separate the strands with your hands. If you do not need tight rings, then gently comb your hair also with your hands. Smooth down excessive fluffiness with wax. To fix curls, apply hairspray to the length of your hair.

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