What Haircuts Are Suitable For A Round Face

What Haircuts Are Suitable For A Round Face
What Haircuts Are Suitable For A Round Face

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A beautiful hairstyle can turn the most ordinary woman into a real beauty. But in order for a hairstyle to really fit, it is necessary to take into account both the shape of the face and the structure of the hair. For example, for a round face, only certain haircuts are suitable.

What haircuts are suitable for a round face
What haircuts are suitable for a round face

Owners of a round face first of all need to choose hairstyles that visually lengthen the face.

If you have long hair, you already benefit as it gives the round face an oval shape. Therefore, you can construct a wide variety of hairstyles on long straight hair. It is advisable to straighten curly curls with a special iron.

The bob haircut is perfect for chubby girls. Although this hairstyle is considered dangerous for this type of face, following some rules, you can allow it with this shape. So, the length of the "bob" should be slightly longer than the chin. At the same time, the hair is extremely straight. If you are the owner of curly curls, you will need to straighten them.

Shoulder-length haircuts are also a good option for a round face. It is the average length of hair that tends to draw out facial features. With this length, you can no longer pay attention to the waviness or straightness of the hair - this image suits everyone.

With a round face, you can also afford a "square" haircut, but with the ends elongated in front. In doing so, pay attention to the fact that the hair should be perfectly straight.

For short hair, you can make yourself an original multi-level hairstyle. So, "artistic disorder" on the head or separate strands of different lengths can significantly lengthen the face. Also try to style your hair in such a way that the back of the head is more luxuriant, and the face, on the contrary, has thin strands.

The choice of bangs for this type must be approached especially carefully. So, for chubby people, short bangs to the middle of the forehead are recommended. At the same time, try to choose a hairstyle so that your ears are covered with hair. You can also afford long bangs, but carefully profiled. It can be beautifully combed to one side. But in no case should women with a round face wear thick and straight bangs.

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