How To Cut A Man With A Clipper

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How To Cut A Man With A Clipper
How To Cut A Man With A Clipper

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Short hairstyles can give a man a masculine, brutal look. The clipper cuts hair by sliding its upper movable teeth along the lower (fixed). The basic principle of operation is to advance the hair clipper against hair growth, which contributes to the formation of resistance and hair cutting.

How to cut a man with a clipper
How to cut a man with a clipper

It is necessary

  • - hair clipper;
  • - a comb with fine teeth;
  • - thinning scissors.


Step 1

If you need to cut a large tuft of hair at the same time, squeeze and unclench the handles of the clipper until they stop. This will help prevent damage to your hair. If you drive a car according to their height, then they will press against the head, and the result will be zero.

Step 2

Watch the speed of the car. At high speed, the plate located in the upper part slows down and does not have time to cut all the hair that falls between the teeth. Painful sensations may begin. When cutting hair from the crown, do not "take away" the clipper too sharply from the head, smoothly slow down on the weight.

Step 3

Short men's haircuts are especially popular. You can do the simplest option - shave your head off. If you are an amateur with a clipper, then cut your hair using one size of the length of the attachment. Do not use the attachment when treating the temples and neck area.

Step 4

For a more complex haircut, decide on the length of the nozzle (preferably number 2). Point the blade of the machine up. Start at the neck, where the hair begins. Continue clipping your hair this way until you get to the back of your head. Next, change the attachment to number 3 and pull your hair up to the crown of your head. When trimming, use a comb and try to trim excess hair on top of it. Finally, trim the hair at the temples and neck.

Step 5

This half-box hairstyle has the main difference - these are smooth transitions from very short hair to longer and longer ones. The semi-box is suitable for men with an oval and square face type. Use basic trimming techniques: trimming, machine trimming, and edging. In the parietal area, leave a hair length of about 6-7 cm. For other areas, a 4 cm length is suitable. Remember about the clear passage of the border of the swift, passing along the top behind the ears and dropping to the center under the very back of the head. When finished, shape your hair.

Step 6

For a successful hairstyle, trim only dry hair with a clipper. When finished, brush off the hair from the appliance. Lubricate all blades with the special oil included in the kit.

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