How To Know If A Bang Is Right For You

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How To Know If A Bang Is Right For You
How To Know If A Bang Is Right For You

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When planning to change their hairstyle, many women try to imagine in advance how they will look. Is it possible to know for sure whether the bangs will go to the face or not? How long should it be?

How to know if a bang is right for you
How to know if a bang is right for you


Step 1

Use computer programs to select hairstyles or take a test on the Internet. Upload your photo to the program and choose a haircut that best suits the shape and type of your face. The bangs can be picked up by almost any representative of the fair sex, and it will almost never turn out to be unfashionable. Only the color, length and angle of inclination change. The programs are also convenient because you simultaneously get the opportunity to experiment with hair color, as well as other conditions: hair type, makeup.

Step 2

Choose your bangs according to the shape of your face according to the following criteria. If you have a high forehead, long, straight bangs are perfect for you. It is she who is most often recommended by hairdressers. Straight bangs will make your facial features softer and more correct, in addition, you will appear younger. The only condition under which it cannot be done is very thin hair. They quickly become dirty, such bangs will seem greasy.

Step 3

If your face is close to a triangle, create a thin bang in the shape of an arc. Let it fall easily over your forehead and look very natural. This shape will help balance and soften angular features. The ends of the bangs need to be slightly rolled inward, and then ruffled.

Step 4

For a woman with a round face, it is better to make a long, thin bangs with light thinning. It will make your face look longer, but don't overuse styling products. Use shampoo for smooth hair and your bangs will be charming.

Step 5

Trust the professionals. A skilful and experienced master will select a type of bangs that will emphasize your individual attractiveness and originality.

Step 6

Don't be afraid to change your appearance. Suitable bangs can be made to suit any face and any hair type. It can also help hide some flaws in your appearance, accentuate your eyes and accentuate the softness of your cheekbones.

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