How To Do Wet Styling

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How To Do Wet Styling
How To Do Wet Styling

A hairstyle with the effect of wet hair can be of great help when there is no time for complex styling, but you need to look catchy and stylish. It doesn't take a lot of effort to create wet styling and the results are impressive.

How to do wet styling
How to do wet styling


Step 1

Wash your hair and dry your hair lightly to prevent dripping.

Step 2

Apply a styling gel to your hair. You can also use a small amount of wax. Pay attention to the fact that gels are either just for styling, or special, to create the effect of "wet" hair. Use the one you like best. Also focus on the degree of fixation.

Step 3

Spread the gel through your hair. Use your hands to squeeze your hair, or just lightly brush your hair with a comb.

Step 4

Start shaping your hairstyle based on your hair type and length. So if you have short hair, comb it smoothly all over your head, or separate the bangs and tuck them to one side. If you have straight hair, iron it down and leave the ends free; the parting is better, the hairs are long and tend to curl, just leave them in their natural form, make a "malvinka" or use a hoop.

Step 5

Try to stop in time. Excessive amount of gel will make your hair heavier and it will hang ugly.

Step 6

Blow dry your hair lightly. Do not use a strong jet, so as not to destroy the structure of the hairstyle. It is better to use a diffuser for these purposes in general.

Step 7

Apply hairspray to your hair. Do not forget that with this type of styling, the hair should not be combed, otherwise the effect will disappear.

Step 8

Many fans of naturalism believe that it is not at all necessary to use artificial styling products to create the effect of "wet hair". For example, they recommend using beer instead of gel, which makes the hair stiff and keeps the shape. Concentrated sugar solution has similar properties. It is suggested to add shine with lemon juice.

Step 9

Also try making your own styling gel at home. To do this, dilute gelatin in half a glass of water, a third of a spoon and leave for three hours. Then bring to a boil and refrigerate. With the help of such a solution, hair is styled no worse than with a purchased product.