How To Weave Beautifully Braids

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How To Weave Beautifully Braids
How To Weave Beautifully Braids

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Pigtails are a great way to brighten up women's hair and change the style. Today, hairdressing salons and private masters offer braids in a variety of styles for reasonable money - from radical dreadlocks to ordinary braided hairstyles. Learning to weave braids on your own is not difficult at all - you need a little practice, material and time to practice to do this. In a short time, you will be able to master the most common weaving techniques.

How to weave beautifully braids
How to weave beautifully braids

It is necessary

  • some skills;
  • well washed and combed hair;
  • a thread;
  • kanekalon;
  • scissors;
  • hairbrush.


Step 1

Braids need to be weaved on carefully washed and combed hair, separated from the crown to the forehead by an even parting. Select a strand of hair near the parting and comb it, then use it for braiding.

Step 2

When braiding the braid, do not over-pull the hair - the braid should be tight enough, but not over-tightened. To braid a large number of braids, braid each braid from the selected strand to the end, tie the end with a thread, and then select a new strand next to the already braided braid, comb it and start braiding in the same way as the first. Select strands of the same thickness - in this case, the hairstyle will be neat and even.

Step 3

African braids are very popular today - they are woven in almost all beauty salons. build up, and this attracts girls who want to get away from their short haircuts, becoming owners of long braids in a short time.

Step 4

Divide the head into small square sections to weave the Afrokos. At each section, select a strand, comb it and begin to weave a pigtail, braiding the kanekalon from the very roots. When you run out of natural hair, just keep completing the Kanekalon braid. When you reach the end, scald the tip with boiling water or melt with a lighter.

Step 5

Braids from curly hair are easier than braids from straight hair - on wavy and curly hair, the transitions between natural hair and artificial fiber are less noticeable. After braiding, look for extra hairs sticking out of the braids. They need to be cut with scissors.

Step 6

And finally, you can quickly learn how to weave a simple French braid, which has always been distinguished by its elegance and simplicity of execution. Select a section of hair at the crown, at the base of the growth, and divide it into three sections. Weave an ordinary pigtail, braiding additional strands to it on the left and right. After the head is braided, weave a regular braid to the end. Tie the tip with an elastic band.

Step 7

You can make such a braid more unusual by pulling strands of hair from the braid, slightly weakening it. Thus, the braid will be looser and more luxuriant.

Step 8

A tourniquet, which is woven from hair tied at the back of the head in a ponytail, can also become an unusual hairstyle. Divide the ponytail into two and twist one strand to the right and the other to the left. After that, twist both strands tightly in the opposite direction and secure the ponytail with an elastic band.

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