How To Curl Your Hair With Rags

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How To Curl Your Hair With Rags
How To Curl Your Hair With Rags

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You can curl your hair in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most gentle and effective is wrapping on rags. The whole process of work is not difficult, you just need to practice a little. By doing this perm, you get beautiful and strong curls, without any creases.

How to curl your hair with rags
How to curl your hair with rags

It is necessary

  • - the cloth;
  • - paper;
  • - scissors.


Step 1

Prepare the necessary items. Cut the desired number of strips of fabric. The length should be 10-15 centimeters, and the width should be from one to three centimeters, depending on your hair. Cut the paper into 5x5 cm squares.

Step 2

Wrap the prepared strip in a paper tube, while leaving the ends of the fabric protruding slightly so that you can then tie your hair with them.

Step 3

Separate one strand, comb it and lightly dampen it with water. Place the tip of the strand exactly in the center of the cloth and start slowly twisting it up. Remember one simple rule: the thinner you take the strands, the more spectacular and longer the resulting curls will last. Tie the ends of the rags in a knot or bow, just do not tighten too much, otherwise you may form a hall.

Step 4

In addition, there is another winding method where paper is completely unnecessary. Take a regular cotton cloth, as a last resort, you can use a bandage, and cut it into strips. Just make sure that they do not turn out to be too thin and do not fall apart from this. It is best to do a little more than fifteen centimeters along the length of the strip.

Step 5

Separate a strand, slightly moisturize and place the tip of the hair in the center of the fabric, tie it in a knot. Please note that if you tie loosely, your strip will untie, and if you tie it too tightly, then the curl may turn out with a crease.

Step 6

Curl your hair to the desired length and secure with a knot. It is best to do this procedure at night, since in order for beautiful curls to form, at least six hours must pass.

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