How To Dye Artificial Hair

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How To Dye Artificial Hair
How To Dye Artificial Hair

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Modern hairpieces, wigs and other hair extensions are made from artificial and natural hair. Natural hair is definitely more expensive. However, faux overlays and hairpieces can be very natural looking and of fairly high quality. The disadvantage of artificial hair is that it is not recommended to subject it to chemical and temperature treatment, that is, to dye, wash, curl.

How to dye artificial hair
How to dye artificial hair


Step 1

Artificial hair is colossally different in structure from natural hair, so it can deteriorate greatly from ordinary hair dye. The same can be said about tint tonics, shampoos, balms, and so on. If you, for example, wash or paint the fishing line, it will get tangled, become brittle and just turn into a washcloth. The same fate awaits artificial hair.

Step 2

Try dyeing your artificial hair with a regular felt tip or marker. After dyeing, it will not come off and will not spoil the hair structure. Choose the appropriate color and paint over strand by strand. This will take a long time, so this method is suitable for several strands or a small light-colored chignon.

Step 3

You can use ink for deep dark or black colors. Batik, a paint for painting on fabric, is ideal for artificial hair. It is enough to soak a wig or hairpiece in a mixture of batik and water (3 liters of water and 3 cans of batik) and leave in the mixture for 2-3 days. However, there have been cases that after such dyeing, the hair quickly crawls out and gets tangled. Let the wig dry for at least 24 hours. Brush your hair very gently as it gets quite coarse.

Step 4

Keep in mind: Manufacturers do not recommend dyeing artificial hair at home. You can go to the hairdresser, or even better, choose strands, hairpieces and onlays that absolutely match the tone of your hair. With gentle care and minimal exposure, artificial hair will last longer and look more natural.

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