How To Make Curls With Curlers

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How To Make Curls With Curlers
How To Make Curls With Curlers

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You can turn straight strands into beautiful curls using a perm or hot curling iron. However, there is a safer remedy - curlers. You can curl your hair in fine spirals, style it in steep waves, or even create a real waterfall of curls.

How to make curls with curlers
How to make curls with curlers

It is necessary

  • - curlers;
  • - thin comb;
  • - styling product;
  • - hairdryer.


Step 1

If you prefer a quick curl in the morning, use a heat roller. Before use, they are placed in a bowl of boiling water, after which you can start curling your hair. There are options with electric heating - it is much more convenient to use them. Velcro curlers are also suitable for quick curling. For those who like to do styling at night, soft flexible papillots with foam rubber and a wire rod inside are suitable - you can sleep on them without fear of crushing future curls.

Step 2

Another important parameter is the size of the curlers. The volume and elasticity of curls depends on it. The larger the diameter of the curlers, the lighter they will curl. The smallest curls-spirals are made using bobbins - plastic or wooden sticks with elastic bands for fastening.

Step 3

Before curling, wash your hair, dry it well and comb it thoroughly. Spray your hair lightly with water from a spray bottle. Divide it into even strands with a fine comb - the thinner they are, the more elastic and even the curl will turn out.

Step 4

For a better lock on your curls, apply a curler in the form of a gel, foam or liquid in a spray to your hair. It gives extra shine to curls and prolongs their lifespan. Choose a product based on your hair type. Folk remedies, such as beer, flaxseed decoction, or sweetened water, are also good at fixing perm. Moisten a strand along the entire length and wind it around the curlers, starting at the end of the curl and holding it at right angles to your head. Try to wind your hair evenly - the beauty of the future curl depends on it. Secure the curlers with a hairpin or elastic.

Step 5

Curl all your hair gradually. Wait until they dry completely or speed it up with a hair dryer. Unwind one curl gently. If it's dry and the curl is firmly in place, it's okay. Remove all curlers. Do not rush to comb your hair - first sprinkle it with a fixing agent and beat it with your fingers. If you want a lush head of curls, tilt your head sharply down and then pull your hair back. Now you can lightly smooth the curls with a fine comb and style them into your hair.

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