How To Remove Fluffy Hair

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How To Remove Fluffy Hair
How To Remove Fluffy Hair

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Some representatives of the fair sex achieve volume of their hairstyles with constant styling and combing. For others, the natural splendor of the hair turns into a problem, from which they seek to get rid of in every possible way. Lush hair is difficult to comb and style. The best way to deal with this is by weighting your hair with different products.

How to remove fluffy hair
How to remove fluffy hair


Step 1

Purchase special smoothing shampoos for frizzy hair. They make hair heavier, smoothen protruding scales, adding shine and making it easier to comb. Be sure to use a conditioner after shampooing, or if your hair is thick and damaged, use a leave-in, smoothing conditioner or cream.

Step 2

Apply hair masks regularly. Oil masks remove excess splendor and make the curls heavier. Cosmetic oil (burdock, almond, apricot, etc.) strengthens the hair structure, makes them healthy and strong. Apply the oil to the roots and distribute throughout the hair. Wrap the head in plastic and wrap it with a terry towel. The mask is most effective when held under a warm towel, so you need to warm it up from time to time.

Step 3

Wash your hair properly. Much of the hair's splendor is the result of damage. Do not rub your hair, this will severely damage its protective layer and lead to flaking of the upper flakes. From this, the hair loses its shine, and the hair becomes porous, lush. Do not rub wet strands with a towel to avoid damage. Excess moisture should be removed from them with gentle squeezing movements. Do not brush your hair when it is wet, it is also very harmful. Better to wait until they dry.

Step 4

Use folk remedies to cope with the splendor of your hair. After washing, rinse your hair with a light beer with a few drops of olive oil. Beer will strengthen your hair, and oil will make it heavier and therefore smoother. The beer smell is not a problem, it fades away very quickly while the hair dries.

Step 5

Use an egg yolk mask to which you can also add some cosmetic oil. The yolk smoothes unruly curls, gives them shine.

Step 6

Try the honey and beer rinse (1 tsp honey for 0.5L light beer). This remedy fights hair breakage and splendor at the same time. Rinse your hair with this product after each wash for a month or more.

Step 7

Straighten your lush hair with straighteners or style with a blow dryer and comb. Such styling, as a means of combating unruly hair, should not be applied daily. But if your hair is healthy, you can hot style it from time to time.

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