How To Braid Short Hair

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How To Braid Short Hair
How To Braid Short Hair

Video: How To Braid Short Hair

Video: How To Braid Short Hair
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Braids are often an integral part of women's hairstyles. With their help, skilled craftsmen create a variety of unusual images, elegant and sophisticated, gentle and romantic. Braids on long hair are easy, but how do you do it on short ones? There are interesting and original ways for this.

How to braid short hair
How to braid short hair


Step 1

For short hair, use special fake ponytails. You can buy them in a specialized store.

Step 2

Divide the false tail into several equal parts and start braiding. Then their tips should be secured at the base of the tail with hairpins. To give the braids the desired shape, first weave a thin wire into them. To give your hair extra volume and fluffiness, do a light bouffant at the roots.

Step 3

False tails come in a variety of colors, so feel free to experiment with them. Perhaps you will find some new image.

Step 4

African braids are an interesting option for short hair. They are woven from artificial material. Even if your hair is only three to four centimeters long, you can do this original hairstyle. In total, about two hundred African braids can fit on the head, which should be unraveled no later than three months of socks. The fact is that the regrown hair roots will give the hairstyle a very sloppy look.

Step 5

For short hair, you can purchase special false braids that are secured with a comb. But for this you need the natural hair length to be at least fifteen centimeters. Otherwise, contact a professional craftsman who will select false braids for you and advise you on how to fix them.

Step 6

With the help of faux braids, you can make very original and fashionable hairstyles. To do this, carefully tie your hair into a bun at the back of your head. If several strands are knocked out, then fix them with bobby pins. Attach a false tail or braid to the bundle. Subsequently, you can make a beautiful outlet from it.

Step 7

Choose the color of the artificial materials carefully before braiding your short hair. This will make the hairstyle look natural.