How To Dye Your Hair Blue

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How To Dye Your Hair Blue
How To Dye Your Hair Blue

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Deep and mysterious blue hair color is suitable for the brightest creative personalities who are not afraid to demonstrate their individuality to others. However, in an effort to become like the heroine of a science fiction film, one cannot forget the health of the hair, without which no hairstyle will be suitable.

How to dye your hair blue
How to dye your hair blue

It is necessary

  • - persistent blue paint;
  • - tint balm.


Step 1

Choose the color you want. There are many shades of the same blue tone. Blue-black hair does not look so extravagant: it will only cast blue in cold light. Clothing, accessories and makeup will be important and can be used to complement the look. Using cool shades of eyeshadow and turquoise sweaters, you will accentuate the blue strands. The rich indigo color will undoubtedly draw the attention of others, but also emphasize the hairstyle, which should always be perfect. Light blue shades of hair will make the look more delicate and touching, but should not be used if your skin is very pale.

Step 2

Consider the structure and length of your hair. To get a beautiful saturated color, the hair will probably have to be bleached, after which it can become thin and split. Be prepared that the restoration of the previous volume and health may take several months, and some of the strands will still have to be cut. The darker the natural tone of your hair, the more powerful chemical attack it will have to endure. Keep in mind the length as well. Bright colors look best on short, asymmetrical or stepped straight haircuts. Owners of wavy and curly hair are better off choosing more natural shades for dyeing. Blue wavy curls will look like a wig or cause inappropriate associations with Malvina. In this case, it is better to dye not all hair blue, but a couple of strands or bangs.

Step 3

Dye your hair with an unstable dye. It will last on your hair for several weeks, during which you will get used to your new look and decide if you like it. The shading balsam "Rokolor" offers a large selection of colors. It stays firmly on the hair for at least 2 weeks and does not damage the hair in the same way as dyes containing ammonia and peroxide do. However, the balm should be applied carefully: together with the hair, it dyes the skin. An alternative can be paint from companies "Stargazer", "SanoTint" and "Directions". Their palette includes indigo shades that will look bright enough primarily on blond hair. Dark strands will cast blue. The disadvantage of all these funds is instability, and getting into the rain will become dangerous. When exposed to water, paint can leak and stain your neck, shoulders and clothing.

Step 4

There are practically no persistent blue hair dyes. Having decided on a radical change of the image, it is worth finding a good stylist who will mix several tones on his own. Colors close to blue are offered by Igora Royal and Schwarzkopf, but the resulting shade will not be too pronounced. To achieve a bright color, you will have to maintain the tone with one of the tint products.

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