How To Enlarge Your Forehead

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How To Enlarge Your Forehead
How To Enlarge Your Forehead
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Not all women are lucky with the correct, proportional facial features. A low forehead rarely paints a person, making the face gloomy, sullen, frowning. But with the help of a well-chosen hairstyle and makeup, you can successfully hide this feature.

How to enlarge your forehead
How to enlarge your forehead


Step 1

You can increase the low forehead by choosing a hairstyle. For girls with a low forehead, stylists categorically do not recommend haircuts and hairstyles without bangs and in which horizontal lines prevail. A bang that is well chosen in length and density will perfectly hide a low or narrow forehead. Don't make your bangs too thick or too long. It is even possible for it to only cover the hairline. For some, a small pile of bangs is suitable for giving airiness - this will also increase the forehead.

Step 2

In a festive, solemn hairstyle, it is recommended to lay the hair up, without lowering the forehead height line. It is better not to cover your ears with hair either. All this makes the face more open and visually masks a too low forehead.

Step 3

You can also correct a low forehead using tonal means. True, stylists believe that forehead correction is justified if, in addition to the forehead, all other parts of the face are proportional. With a low forehead, a dark corrector should be used to draw vertical stripes from the hairline to the eyebrows. It is necessary to move the brush along the joints of the frontotemporal bones. Then carefully blend the foundation towards the temporal cavities. And in the very center of the forehead, draw a vertical light strip. It is best to try this technique first under the supervision of an experienced makeup artist.

Step 4

Some girls struggle with excess hair using tweezers. Cosmetologists do not recommend doing this, because such a procedure can ruin the hairline and make it uneven forever. You can hardly open such a plucked forehead.

Step 5

Beauty salons also offer photoepilation of the hairline on the forehead, which allows you to reveal a significant part of it. Getting rid of hair once and for all will not work - the result will need to be maintained periodically as the bulbs come to life. Before this procedure, be sure to seek the advice of an independent professional and stylist so as not to make things worse. Perhaps you will be offered other, less dramatic and costly options.

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