How To Wind Your Hair With Boomerang Curlers

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How To Wind Your Hair With Boomerang Curlers
How To Wind Your Hair With Boomerang Curlers

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Boomerang curlers are thin flexible sticks made of soft, easily bendable material. They come in various lengths and thicknesses and are used to create curls and add volume to medium to long hair. It is easy to make a beautiful curl with the help of such curlers, the main thing is to know some subtleties.

How to wind your hair with boomerang curlers
How to wind your hair with boomerang curlers

It is necessary

  • - curlers;
  • - hair spray;
  • - hair styling gel.


Step 1

In the fight for beautiful curls, beauties of all times fought in a variety of ways. The simplest of them is papillotes, which were curled pieces of paper. Strands of hair were wound on them, which were then secured with elastic bands. As a rule, such a “styling” was performed at night, since the hair in this “position” must be kept for several hours in order to consolidate the effect. And in the morning, the strands were untwisted and wavy hair was styled into a hairdo.

Step 2

Modern women of fashion now have many tools at their disposal to help make their hair curly. Among them are a variety of hair curlers: metal, rubber, plastic, thermal hair rollers, Velcro hair rollers, boomerang hair rollers, foam rubber hair rollers. All of them are necessary to create beautiful curls. Which of them to give preference to, the woman decides. The choice largely depends on the length of the hair, its condition and what kind of curls you are going to make: large or small.

Step 3

Often, to quickly make curls, women use hot rollers. Or electric curlers, electric tongs. They are easy to use, but frequent use of such products due to thermal effects on the hair is not recommended. "Hot" perm, experts advise to do no more than once a week. Hair curlers (metal, plastic, rubber) have a more gentle effect on the hair, but their use is not very convenient, since it is quite problematic to sleep with hair wrapped around them, uncomfortable.

Step 4

Therefore, more and more women prefer boomerang curlers. They are a small piece of easily bendable wire with a soft velor or foam rubber coating. They are not lightweight, easy to use, harmless to hair and, importantly, do not cause any hassle when used at night.

Step 5

Just before curling, wash your hair with a shampoo suitable for your hair type. Dry your hair slightly. You can use a hair dryer when drying. But it is best to leave a towel on your hair for 10-15 minutes. Before curling, the hair should be slightly damp, but not wet. Apply the styling product you are using on them - gel, mousse, foam. Roll your hair with curlers so that the strand cannot slip off of it.

Step 6

To do this, take a single-row comb and separate the bottom of the hair with it. For convenience, pin the top of your hair with a hairpin or crab. Separate small strands of hair and wind them with curlers. The strands should not be too thick, in this case the hair will dry for a long time, and the curls may be weak, and the curls will quickly disintegrate.

When curling your hair, make sure that the curls do not slip off the curlers.

Step 7

Having reached the roots, twist the ends of the curlers together and leave for a while. The minimum waiting period for curling is 3 hours for long and 1.5 hours for medium-length hair. But it's best to leave the boomerangs on your hair overnight. By the way, it is not recommended to blow-dry the hair rolled on curlers. Let your hair dry naturally. It doesn't hurt them. And baking, especially frequent baking, can dry out your hair and make it brittle and lifeless.

Step 8

Removing the curlers is the final stage of creating a hairstyle. Do not untwist the strands, but carefully pull the curlers out of the curl. Spread the curls with your fingers. To keep the curls in shape longer, while removing the curlers, lightly sprinkle the curls with hairspray.

Step 9

After removing the curlers, comb your hair with your fingers, create a hairstyle, fix the strands with varnish.

Step 10

Electric boomerangs are considered a bright novelty among professional hairdressers. These are flexible hot pencil sticks used to curl hair into beautiful spiral curls. They have a light indicator, thanks to which it is determined when the hair is heated to the optimal styling temperature. Dry your hair well and apply styling mousse to your hair before use. Divide your hair into strands and wind it up in a heated curler one by one. Fasten the ends of the boomerangs so that the strands do not fall apart, then spray your hair with a spray to create curls.

Step 11

After a few minutes, after the curlers have cooled completely, gently unwind the curls and comb them with your fingers. At the end of the procedure, apply hairspray to your hair.

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