How To Style Your Shoulder Length Hair

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How To Style Your Shoulder Length Hair
How To Style Your Shoulder Length Hair

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Most girls wear shoulder-length or medium-length hair. Therefore, the question of how to lay them is very relevant. With the right styling, you can give yourself a romantic or business style. But at the same time, you should know how to do it correctly.

How to style your shoulder length hair
How to style your shoulder length hair


Step 1

First, wash your hair and dry it with a hairdryer or towel. Remember that the best styling is on clean hair.

Step 2

The most popular among lovers of medium length hair are "bob" or "page" haircuts. It's easy to lay them. Divide your hair into a medium parting after pretreating with mousse or styling gel. Take a round, thick brush and brush your hair, curling it inward.

Step 3

Foam strands of damp hair and roll them on medium-sized curlers. Wind from front to back. After drying, comb your hair, touching it back with your hands. Secure your hair with varnish.

Step 4

If you are young enough, then use styling that will give you a somewhat frivolous look. Moisten the strands of hair with gel and, using a hair dryer and a thin round brush, wind the ends of the strands outward. Please fix the style with hair spray.

Step 5

In order to achieve splendor hair, use large heat rollers. This styling will look especially good if the haircut is multi-level.

Step 6

Create a sleek, retro look. Apply some gel to damp hair and comb your hair back. After that, from the front hair using a round brush and a hair dryer, make waves with the tips inward. Please fix the style with hair spray.

Step 7

Do a youthful styling. Tie your hair into a bun and secure it at the back of your head using a hair clip. Apply some styling gel to the ends of your hair and fluff them. Sprinkle with varnish for stability.

Step 8

Part your hair with a front part and make two ponytails on the sides with elastic bands. Then hide the elastic by wrapping it in hair. The front strands of hair should remain free when doing the hairstyle. Secure the styling with a strong hold varnish.

Step 9

Pull the back strands of hair up and roll them up with a shell. Apply gel to the front of your hair and curl with curlers. Dry your hair and remove the curlers, being careful not to damage the strands. Spray your hair with nail polish.

Please note, it all depends only on your imagination. Medium hair length is convenient just because, if necessary, you can create almost any style.

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