How To Style Your Hair After Chemotherapy

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How To Style Your Hair After Chemotherapy
How To Style Your Hair After Chemotherapy

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Perm is the basis for a hairstyle. With it, the styling will last much longer. To simplify the process of styling your hair after a perm, you need to follow some rules, then your hairstyle will become an example to follow.

How to style your hair after chemotherapy
How to style your hair after chemotherapy


Step 1

Be patient for the first two days after a perm, and try not to wash your hair, blow-dry your hair, pull it up in a ponytail, or curl it with curlers. Only in this case, your curls will turn out beautiful and will not disperse, turning into fluff.

Step 2

It is advisable to dry the hair afterwards in a natural way; comb it using a large comb, without pulling it down. Hair after curling requires more thorough care. Be sure to use conditioner after washing your hair, and choose the right shampoo, after consulting with a knowledgeable specialist.

Step 3

For the ultimate look of your hair, use a light wet hair gel, a natural styling spray, a shine to shine, or wax to highlight strands.

Step 4

Having made a perm, you will have to regularly restore, nourish and moisturize your hair. Various masks are suitable for this. For example, a mask consisting of five components: take a tablespoon of mayonnaise, honey, brandy and burdock or castor oil. Mix all this by adding the yolk and apply to the scalp for at least an hour. The effect will not be long in coming.

Step 5

Do not dye your hair immediately after the procedure, wait at least 3 days. Give preference to paints that have a mild effect.

Step 6

To tame tousled hair in the morning, you need to apply styling foam to damp, washed hair, and then comb it by squeezing it with your hands. Form curls in your hair and let it dry. Then you need to take the gel-wax in your hands, slightly warm it and distribute it in your palms. Squeeze the curls with your palms, trying to rub the gel-wax along the entire length of the hair. You will end up with wavy hair. It is not necessary to wash your hair the next morning; it is better to simply comb your hair with a large-toothed comb and rub in some gel.

Step 7

Don't use cheap hair care products, remember: your hair is an important part of your beauty for years to come.

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