How To Gather Long Hair Beautifully

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How To Gather Long Hair Beautifully
How To Gather Long Hair Beautifully

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A wedding hairstyle or styling on long hair for a celebration can only be done by professionals, but there are a number of hairstyles for long hair for every day that are easy to do by yourself.

How to gather long hair beautifully
How to gather long hair beautifully


Step 1

Gather dried hair into a ponytail at ear level with a thin elastic band. Take a lace about 30 cm long and fold it in half. Lift the hair in the ponytail up with your left hand, insert the loop obtained from the lace into the hair from below so that it passes between the head and the elastic. Insert the hair from the ponytail into the loop and gently pull it down with the hair. Comb your hair.

Step 2

Braid the usual French braid, but from the bottom up. Pre-separate the hair on the top of the head, gather it with an elastic band or hairpin. You can weave a pigtail on your own if you lower your head down. When all hair is gathered, secure it at the crown. Lay the hair from the separated part beautifully to the side, then bring it to the crown and secure it so that the elastic is not visible. Use invisibility. Curl the hair from the tail with tongs, lay it on the head, fix with varnish.

Step 3

Comb through clean hair, separate a small section of hair at the bottom of the hair growth zone. Tie up all of your hair except for the detached curl. Secure with a thin elastic band of a color similar to the shade of your hair. Wrap the detached strand around the place where the tail is attached so that the elastic is not visible. Secure the tip of the curl with an invisible under the tail. Secure with hairspray.

Step 4

Divide clean hair into two sections with the thin end of a comb. The dividing line can run strictly along a straight parting or obliquely from the upper tip of the ear to the lower one. Braid the hair of each section with a spikelet (French braid inverted), pull the hair into one braid and braid it all the way. Add volume to the weaves by pulling up your hair with your hands.

Step 5

Make a side parting on your head. Separate the hair area from the parting to the ear with a flat comb, keeping the line straight. Braid the separated hair with a french braid in fine strands towards your ear. Throw the rest of the hair over the shoulder where the braid goes, braid everything in a loose braid. Leave it on your shoulder.

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