How To Make Pigtails

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How To Make Pigtails
How To Make Pigtails

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Braids have always been a trendy way to style long hair. With the help of braids, you can make both simple hairstyles for every day, and festive, with the addition of curls or accessories.

How to make pigtails
How to make pigtails


Step 1

An ordinary braid is called a spikelet and is braided with two strands of hair. Shift a small section of hair from one section to another. Braids, woven from four or five strands, are distinguished by originality. In this case, weave them separately, taking into account the peculiarity - they have one common strand in the middle of the weaving.

Step 2

The so-called Greek braid is especially popular. Apply a small amount of styling lather or styling mousse to damp, washed hair. Dry them with a hairdryer. Then part your hair into two sections with a side parting - from ear to ear. To prevent the remaining mass of hair from interfering in the future, secure it with a clip. Then select a strand of hair above the left ear, divide it into three parts and start weaving a regular spikelet, while adding new strands alternately, on the right and left. To make it more comfortable, comb the entire front of the hair mass in the direction of the braid. Bring the spikelet to your right ear. Then braid the rest of the hair into a regular braid. Disguise the tip with bobby pins. You can leave the rest of your hair loose, their combination with a Greek braid looks very impressive

Step 3

Weaving fishtail braids does not take much time, although from the outside it seems that it is simply impossible to do this with your own hands. Divide your hair into two equal parts in a straight part. Take a thin section of hair from the left section and connect to the section on the right. Then select a thin strand on the right side of the hair and connect with a similar one from the left. Continue this way until the end of your hair. This hairstyle looks very much like a fishtail

Step 4

Pigtails "dragon" create the illusion of a magnificent hairstyle, they are woven at a distance of five to six centimeters from the hairline. Make a horizontal parting, divide the strand formed in front into 3 parts and start weaving a regular braid. As you braid, grab some loose hair from each side with a comb and add it to your main braid. When the braid is ready, secure it with an elastic band and start braiding the next one. Wrap the resulting mass of braids inward or collect at the back of the head in one large braid. This type of braiding is suitable for owners of medium length hair.

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