How To Colorize At Home

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How To Colorize At Home
How To Colorize At Home

Coloring is the process of dyeing individual hair strands in two or more similar in tone or contrasting shades. It helps to make the hair color more interesting and effective, to emphasize the structure of the haircut, and sometimes even to visually increase the volume.

How to colorize your home
How to colorize your home

It is necessary

A brush, foil, shades of hair dye, a large mirror on a stand, a comb, several containers for paint, a container for washing a brush or a separate brush for each shade, cut into 10 by 20 centimeters wide pieces of foil, hair dye, an unnecessary towel or old clothes


Step 1

Thanks to the wide range of different hair dyes available in stores, coloring can be done independently in the conditions. Get everything you need: a brush, foil and the desired shades of hair dye. Remember that if you do not want to be disappointed when you see the result, do not save and buy quality products from well-known brands. It is advisable that all the paints you purchased were produced by the same company.

Step 2

Prepare what you need so that you don't have to be distracted to bring something. You will need a mirror, preferably large enough and on a stand. You will also need a comb, several containers for paint, a container for washing a brush, or a separate brush for each shade, cut into 10 by 20 centimeter pieces of foil, hair dye, an unnecessary towel, or old clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.

Step 3

Prepare the paint by mixing all the components, each shade in its own container. In order not to forget which color is where, you can put paint boxes next to the containers.

Step 4

Separate a small strand, place foil under it. The edge at the roots should be folded down. Spread the dye evenly through your hair, being careful not to touch the adjacent strands. Wrap your hair in foil so that it is tight and does not slide out.

Step 5

Gradually paint over the strands, moving from the bangs to the back of the head. If you are using only one brush, then first paint over all the strands with one shade, then wash it, dry it with a towel and start painting over your hair with a different color.

Step 6

After you have processed all the strands, wait a few minutes for the hair to dye. The waiting time is indicated in the instructions for the paint.

Step 7

Then wash your hair. First, wet them with warm water and rinse off the remaining paint thoroughly. Then shampoo your hair, massage your scalp and rinse your hair with the resulting foam. Rinse your head with clean warm water and repeat the procedure. After that, apply a special balm that is usually included with the paint. If not, use your regular hair conditioner. Rinse the strands thoroughly with water again and pat dry with a towel. Do not use a hairdryer, rub or wring out your hair - you just need to blot it and leave it to dry. Coloring itself is harmful to hair, so wash and dry it carefully.

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