How To Make Wet Curls

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How To Make Wet Curls
How To Make Wet Curls

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Absolutely every woman wants to have an exquisite hairstyle and look beautiful, but not everyone can afford to constantly visit a hairdressing salon. Now hairstyles with shiny separate curls are back again, one of the most fashionable is considered to be "wet" styling. You can do it at home and for any hair, regardless of their structure and length.

How to make wet curls
How to make wet curls

It is necessary

Gel or special means "textureizer", hair dryer, fixing varnish, comb with rare teeth


Step 1

Currently, there are a huge number of products designed to create hairstyles with a "wet" hair effect. In addition to gels, there are special varnishes, sprays called "textureizers" that help to highlight individual strands and give them a glossy shine.

Step 2

The choice of wet styling products depends on the length and structure of your hair. For example, if you have luxurious curly hair, then to give it a “wet” effect it will be enough to use “textureisers”, and if you have short and straight hair, then you will need more persistent products. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise instead of the "wet" effect, you will get the effect of "dirty" hair.

Step 3

So, on curly hair along the entire length, apply gel to wet hair and comb with a wide-toothed comb. Do not forget to decorate with catchy accessories, for this a hoop, flower hairpin or silk scarf is perfect.

Step 4

If you are the owner of short, and even straight hair, then to create a hairstyle with the effect of "wet" hair, apply a special shaping toffee using squeezing movements. A creative haircut can be freshened up by making a couple of hand movements with a "wet" product, ruffling the top of the head and smoothing the back of the head. For the everyday version of the "wet" hairstyle, the styling agent is applied to separate areas with a comb with sparse teeth or with your fingers.

Step 5

On long hair, the "wet" effect can be achieved with a mousse (the gel makes the hair heavier). Apply the product to your hair, then dry with a hairdryer, creating waves, fix with varnish, removing excess splendor. You can also wind your hair with curlers after applying the mousse and dry it a little with a hairdryer. Then remove from the curlers, dividing each curl into small strands. Spray with varnish to fix.

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