How To Braid Medium Length Hair Beautifully

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How To Braid Medium Length Hair Beautifully
How To Braid Medium Length Hair Beautifully

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Long hair has been considered the most important decoration of any woman since ancient times. Caring for them is quite difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, most of the fair sex prefer to wear medium length hair, and so that it does not interfere with work, they are usually braided. Weaving different braids takes patience and effort, but it's worth it. With their help, you can create various hairstyles right at home without resorting to the help of stylists from beauty salons.

How to braid medium length hair beautifully
How to braid medium length hair beautifully


Step 1

A neatly braided braid is a real piece of jewelry. She looks very stylish and is quite lightweight. If you have mastered weaving a simple braid well, then you can easily learn other, more complex methods.

Step 2

One of the most popular types of hair braiding is the spikelet. Start braiding it like a regular three-strand braid, but braid the strands only along the hairline from the forehead to the back of the head, do not braid further. Hide the end of the braid in your loose hair and secure with a hairpin. You will get an original braid hoop.

Step 3

The French braid will look very beautiful. Its weaving is different in that each time you need to add new strands of hair, which are taken from the sides. Start by combing your hair back. In front of the main body of hair, separate three small strands and start braiding. When the strand, which was initially on the right, is on the left, it is necessary to separate a small strand on the left side and attach it to this strand. Do the same on the other side. Weave the strands until all the hair is in a braid. Secure the remaining hair with an elastic band or hairpin.

Step 4

A wreath can be made on the basis of a French braid. You need to start weaving it from the back of the head. First, divide your hair in two and separate three strands from the right side. Carefully begin to weave, gradually grab other strands from above and below. Finish the braid at the back of the head, and hide the remaining strand under the braid and pin with invisibility. If desired, you can leave it and curl the tail, securing it with a hairpin.

Step 5

Braid two symmetrical small braids on the sides, and tuck them into a headband. In addition, the average hair length allows all kinds of dragons to be weaved.

Step 6

A fashionable original hairstyle can be obtained if you part your hair in a straight part and start braiding from the temples to the back of the head, grabbing thin strands and gradually incorporating them into the weave. Then, at the back of the head, connect the two side braids into one and finish braiding by fixing the tip of the braid.

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