How To Dye Your Hair From Brunette To Red

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How To Dye Your Hair From Brunette To Red
How To Dye Your Hair From Brunette To Red

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Women are not permanent creatures and are always looking for change. Well, at least in their appearance and hair color. Now this can be achieved with the help of special hair dyes. But here, too, not everything is so simple. Take red hair, for example. It is easy to repaint from blonde or light brown to red, but brunettes will be more difficult. Black hair is very resistant even to chemical components of dyes. Therefore, almost always, before dyeing, you need to lighten the hair by several shades.

How to dye your hair from brunette to red
How to dye your hair from brunette to red

It is necessary

Dishes for the preparation of coloring and lightening mixtures, gloves, hair dye (red), hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, ammonium bicarbonate, hair dryer


Step 1

Prepare a 9% hydrogen peroxide solution. It can be found in drugstores or industrial stores. Expect the solution to cover all of your hair. The stronger the hair, the worse it is wetted with water, the more solution you will need. For greater productivity and speed of bleaching, you can add ammonia or ammonium bicarbonate to the peroxide. Ammonia also gives your hair a slightly reddish tint, which in your case is only good for you. But do not put too much of it, otherwise the solution will lose its desired brightening qualities.

Step 2

Apply the resulting mixture to dry hair and keep your head warm until the hair has lightened 4-5 shades. At the same time, it is advisable to wrap your head in a towel. During this procedure, you may experience discomfort and a burning sensation in the scalp.

Step 3

Rinse your hair thoroughly. To make them a little softer, you can use a hair balm. Apply it evenly to your hair and rinse off after 20-30 minutes. Then blow dry your hair.

Step 4

Prepare a red hair color mixture. It should be prepared just before applying it to the hair so that it does not stand for a long time, because some chemical components can react with oxygen. The result of staining with such paint can differ significantly from the desired one. Experts recommend taking a break between lightening and coloring for several days. To give your hair a little rest and recovery.

Step 5

Using a wide brush, apply the prepared color to dry hair. Try to do this evenly, otherwise the colored strands will differ in shades. Soak the dye on your hair for the right time and rinse. Dry your hair.

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