How To Stack A Bob Square

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How To Stack A Bob Square
How To Stack A Bob Square

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Despite the fact that the fashion for hairstyles changes every year, some styles of haircuts remain relevant for decades. One of these haircuts is bob or bob. Due to its elegance and convenience, this haircut is preferred by women of all ages and professions. Despite the fact that a bob implies short hair, it can be styled in a variety and beautiful way.

How to stack a bob square
How to stack a bob square


Step 1

To create a simple and stylish everyday hairstyle, you will need a nail polish or styling mousse, a hair dryer and a round brush. Wash and dry your hair, and while blow-drying, curl the ends of your hair with the round brush inward, drying in this position.

Step 2

If you have bangs, highlight them with a comb and also curl the ends inward. Fix the bangs with varnish, and comb the remaining hair back and also sprinkle with varnish.

Step 3

The styling of a square with a small fleece looks original - to perform such a styling, divide the hair with a straight horizontal parting from ear to ear, and then separate the front strands of hair from the back. Back up the back of your hair with a small comb and curl your hair into a roller. Do the same with the front strands. Fix the hairstyle with nail polish, and reinforce the hairstyle with a beautiful hairpin at the back.

Step 4

Long bangs will look good with a bob cut with a straight vertical parting. Dry your hair and shake it with your fingers, which have been covered with a small amount of fixing gel, to create the effect of wet hair.

Step 5

If you want to create an elegant evening hairstyle, wind your hair in large curlers and dry it, and then comb the curls with your fingers and give them the desired shape, sprinkle with varnish. Not only curls will look spectacular, but also hair straightened by an iron.

Step 6

After combing your hair over your forehead and spreading out even bangs, straighten your hair with an iron for a sleek and beautiful hairstyle for both work and disco.

Step 7

Alternatively, you can comb your washed hair to the side and dry it in this position, then shake it and spray it with varnish - this will give you a natural style suitable for any event.

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