How To Curl Your Hair With Curlers

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How To Curl Your Hair With Curlers
How To Curl Your Hair With Curlers

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Beautiful and well-groomed hair is the pride of every girl. And if they also fall in light strands on the shoulders, then not a single man will calmly pass by such a beauty. And you don't have to have naturally curly hair. With the help of curlers, you can make curls no worse than natural ones. Adhering to simple rules, you can create an excellent hairstyle not only for every day, but also for any festive event.

How to curl your hair with curlers
How to curl your hair with curlers

It is necessary

hair curlers, hairdryer, fine-handle and large-toothed comb, foam, mousse or gel, hairspray


Step 1

If you need to curl your hair with curlers, you must first select the most optimal set of curlers. Please note that it is better to apply heat rollers on short hair, then the curling process will take very little time. It is undesirable to use the so-called curlers-hedgehogs with thin long hair - you can greatly entangle the curls when unrolling. It is convenient to wind up foam rubber curlers in the evening and go to bed in them, then in the morning you will not spend a lot of time on your hair. Papillots are used for short and rather thick hair.

Step 2

To roll on curlers, the hair must be clean and slightly damp. Therefore, they must be washed well and dried a little. Then apply to the hair a product that will help to better hold and create volume. This can be a special foam, spray, or hair mousse.

Step 3

Comb with a long thin handle to separate an even strand, starting from the crown. Its width should not exceed 5 centimeters, otherwise the hair may simply slip off the curlers.

Step 4

You can twist curls in different directions, it depends on what style you want to create. They usually wind up the top of the head first, then the back of the head, and then the sides and front.

Step 5

Then the hair should dry. First, they are left to dry naturally for half an hour, and then they can be dried with a hairdryer. Just do not bring it too close to the curlers, otherwise they can get very hot.

Step 6

After the hair is completely dry, you can unwind the curlers. This must be done carefully so as not to entangle long strands and break the curls.

Step 7

After the hair is styled into a hairstyle, lightly combing the curls with a comb with wide sparse teeth. Or you can just slightly touch up the curls with your fingers and sprinkle with varnish for better fixation.

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