How To Put Your Bangs On Your Side

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How To Put Your Bangs On Your Side
How To Put Your Bangs On Your Side

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In order to change the appearance and give it a sense of novelty, it is not necessary to completely change the hairstyle - it is enough to make an unusual emphasis on the hairstyle that is familiar to you. For example, if you are wearing bangs, you can comb it nicely and tuck it to one side. Your look will acquire mystery and originality, and more femininity and elegance will appear in it. Such bangs can soften the face and attract the attention of others.

How to put your bangs on your side
How to put your bangs on your side


Step 1

To lay the bangs to one side, you will be helped by improvised means - a hairdryer, a round brush, a comb, or fingers, which can also be used to style a hairstyle. Consider the shape of your bangs depending on your face type and the shape of your haircut.

Step 2

If you have a short bob haircut, decorate it with fluffy and smooth bangs, combed to the side and covering one eye - such bangs will complement your look.

Step 3

Choosing a shorter bang will help visually rejuvenate and refresh your face. If you have large facial features, choose a massive and long bangs that cover the entire half of your face.

Step 4

Styling your bangs is a simple task, and you will have no difficulty in having to constantly maintain its correct shape. If your hair tends to frizz from moisture, style your bangs using a special straightening sprays and balms.

Step 5

Dry your bangs by brushing and brushing on the side, and then blow dry with hot air while holding the desired shape. After drying, blow cold air from a hair dryer to the bangs to set them in place.

Step 6

If you have very unruly hair, you can turn to a professional for a chemical straightening of your hair, or use a more gentle, but less long-term method - straighten your bangs with an iron. Imagine and experiment with the shape of your bangs, create new looks, and your appearance will always be the subject of admiration of others.

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