How To Dye A Light Brown Color

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How To Dye A Light Brown Color
How To Dye A Light Brown Color

Video: How To Dye A Light Brown Color

Video: How To Dye A Light Brown Color

Light brown hair color is the most common among people of the Slavic type. Moreover, its shades can vary from light (almost blond) to dark. Most women with a light brown tint are trying to get rid of it, although there are those who want to become the owners of light brown hair.

How to dye light brown
How to dye light brown


Step 1

First of all, you need to decide on the shade. It can be ashy blond or warm with golden tints. It is important to consider your skin type, eye color and focus on your natural color. If your hair is initially warm in shades, then you should not dye it cold. This can visually spoil the complexion.

Step 2

The hardest part will be for owners of dark and black hair, especially if they are dyed and not natural. First, you will need to wash off the color so that the hair becomes almost white. Doing this in one go is not worth it - you can very much harm your hair and scalp. Then the light brown color will no longer be able to brighten dry, burnt hair.

Step 3

It is better to lighten hair in 3-4 doses, depending on the original color. If you want to get a light brown color without harming your hair, then it is better to consult a specialist. Of course, multiple visits to the salon will significantly affect your financial condition, but this way you can get the desired color without dubious experiments.

Step 4

If your natural hair color is close to light brown, and you firmly decided to become the owner of a light brown shade for a long time, then you can be patient and grow your natural color. Then it will be much easier to slightly change the shade, and it practically does not harm the hair.

Step 5

Owners of red hair are better off not thinking about cold shades of light brown. Hair will also need to be lightened, possibly in several stages. It will not work to get white - a yellow or orange tint will remain. Therefore, a light brown color for staining must be selected in a warm shade.

Step 6

Natural blondes are the most fortunate in this matter. To choose the right shade of light brown, you can first experiment with tint tonics so as not to immediately bind yourself to a specific color. They wash off in just a few times. And then, having decided, you can already choose a persistent paint of the shade you like.