How To Dye Your Hair From Black To Light

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How To Dye Your Hair From Black To Light
How To Dye Your Hair From Black To Light

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Every woman sooner or later begins to dye her hair for different reasons, but with one goal - to become more attractive, brighter and be confident. It is very easy to change the color to dark, but only then it is not easy to dye black hair in light tones. It is worth noting that it is impossible to become a blonde, being a dyed brunette, without ruining your hair. Better stop your choice on light colors: light brown, copper or ash.

How to dye your hair from black to light
How to dye your hair from black to light

It is necessary

  • - hair dye;
  • - caring shampoos and balms.


Step 1

Buy paint from any well-known manufacturer in the store that contains ammonia, which acts as a clarifier. One that contains hydrogen peroxide or resorcinol is also suitable. Dilute it as directed and apply to your hair. Leave the time indicated on the package, then rinse thoroughly under running water. Shampoo your hair, apply conditioner for colored hair or conditioner for a few minutes. Rinse and dry your hair. Repeat the staining procedure every 2-3 weeks until the desired shade is achieved.

Step 2

If you do decide to go blonde, your hair will need to be bleached first. Get oxygen 6-9% and supra (brightening powder). Measure out the required amount with a measuring spoon and mix immediately before applying to hair in a plastic bowl. Be sure to do everything with gloves and a brush. Apply the mixture generously and quickly to the hair, starting at the back of the head. For the first time, step back 2 cm from the roots. After 30-35 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo 2 times and apply a nourishing balm. Rinse your hair thoroughly and dry it gently with a hairdryer or naturally.

Step 3

A few weeks after bleaching, you can dye your hair in any shade that suits you. Mix color and activator and apply to hair. The staining time is indicated in the instructions for the preparation. The desired shade does not always appear the first time, if this did not happen, then the next staining can be carried out no earlier than 3 weeks later.

Step 4

If you have weak hair, it's best to go to a hairdresser. The master will select a gentle product that will dye your hair in light colors, but at the same time will not burn it. It is impossible to achieve the same result at home, since professional hair care products are used in hairdressing salons.

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