How To Make A Stylish Men's Hairstyle

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How To Make A Stylish Men's Hairstyle
How To Make A Stylish Men's Hairstyle

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Today, the fashion for men's hairstyles is as varied and changeable as for women. Men are allowed to wear hair of any length, texture and color. Therefore, now they are completely free to choose a haircut. But a haircut is, as you know, half the battle, because it is necessary to give it a sane shape at home as well. So how do you get a stylish mens hairstyle?

How to make a stylish men's hairstyle
How to make a stylish men's hairstyle


Step 1

Short hair. With a chronic lack of time - the most optimal option. True, it will not work to dream up, since the maximum that can be done from a short haircut is to change the direction of the hair. To, for example, lay a short bang to one side or lift it up, you must resort to wax. It perfectly forms individual strands, sharp ends and copes perfectly with even the most unruly hair. If you need to remove the strands back, then it is better to use a gel. Just do not get carried away, so as not to get the effect of a slicked hairstyle. Many men are attracted by short haircuts precisely because of the ease of care, however, not everyone has such a haircut to their face.

Step 2

Medium length hair. If you are a fan of retro style, then a cook like Elvis Presley can be made with a little fleece and styling foam. If only retro stylization is needed, then the silhouette of the coca can be emphasized with chaotic strands that will be perfectly formed by wax. In addition, you can make an imitation of the cook with the bangs raised up. If you are a lover of the classics, then a bob haircut is quite suitable for you. Styling it is also quite simple: it is enough to give the hair a direction from the back of the head - in all directions without parting. You can make a hair-to-hair hairstyle: in this case, it is better to use a styling foam and a hairdryer with a round comb attachment. You can make a chaotic styling: gel or wax will perfectly cope with this mission. In the event that you are an adherent of extreme, then a punk hairstyle is for you. Instead of the classic sharp mohawk, you can simply loosely style strands of hair from the back of the head to the forehead. Let them fall on your face. Wax and hair foam will help you with this. Of course, no one canceled the classic methods of laying mohawk with beer and sugar, but then, in addition to mohawk, you will get a very specific smell in addition.

Step 3

Long hair. Most often, this length is chosen by men of creative professions. This hairstyle can be worn with or without parting and bangs. Styling liquid (spray) or wax will help to give the hairstyle a slight disheveled effect. The bangs can be laid over the face so that it covers one eye. Only the parting is not needed. Hair should be styled in the direction from the back of the head to the forehead, highlighting the strands with wax. You can make an even parting in the middle and, lightly sprinkling your hands with styling liquid, pull your hair back, as if stroking yourself from ears to the back of your head.

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