How To Make Curvy Curls

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How To Make Curvy Curls
How To Make Curvy Curls

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More than one woman dreams of having lush curls. But how do you style your hair to make it look great? This can be done with a hairdryer, curling iron, using curlers. Which way to choose is up to you.

How to make curvy curls
How to make curvy curls

It is necessary

  • - curlers
  • - curling iron
  • - hairdryer
  • - round comb
  • - varnish-veil
  • - styling foam


Step 1

Lush curls give their owner some romance. But creating them is a laborious task. If you have time and patience, use a hairdryer or styling iron. If in the morning you have no time to devote a lot of time to your hairstyle, curl up with curlers in the evening. And when you decide which styling method to choose, you can start.

Step 2

Curling iron Styling with a curling iron, or conventional curling iron, is the easiest way to create curls. But you only need to curl clean hair. Wash your hair, apply lather to the strands of strong hold and dry them with a hair dryer. Now you can begin the process of forming lush curls.

Step 3

Divide your hair into several parts, those that are not currently being processed, pin with a hairpin. Begin curling at the back of your head, peeling off the strand and winding it around the curling iron. For fuller curls, go for thin strands. Do not overdo them on a curling iron, so as not to injure your hair. Spray each curl with varnish, tilting your head back and applying the product from the bottom up. Varnish can also correct the results of unsuccessful curling. For example, you mistakenly took a strand that is too thick. Just divide it with your fingers into several thinner ones and treat them with varnish. When all the hair is curly, fix the hair again.

Step 4

Hairdryer Using a hair dryer and a comb, you can get curls that look like waves. They look quite magnificent, but you will have to work longer. Cover your hair with styling foam and use a hair dryer to lift at the roots. Then wind each strand on a round comb and gently dry with hot air coming from a hair dryer. It is possible that each curl will have to be wound more than once. But the volume of hair will delight you. You do not need to comb the strands laid in this way. Just secure your hairstyle with a veil varnish.

Step 5

If you prefer not to use hair dryers, but to sleep on curlers, then wind them on wet strands in the evening. It is better to treat your hair with a styling agent before this. In the morning, take off your curlers one at a time and cover each section of hair with hairspray. You can comb or leave your hairstyle as it came out from under the curlers. Everything is at your discretion. In any case, the hair will look magnificent.

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